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Meg Eginton is a 5th generation Iowan and the founder of Movement for All has spent her life working with movement as a performer, teacher, movement therapist, and healer. She has traveled from city to city and country to country, inspiring and teaching those around her to learn how to feel better. Her curiosity and resilience have acted as a guiding light to propel her career to immense heights; in turn, she has reaped great success in her endeavors and continues to help change lives using the body and mind's extraordinary power. 

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After performing worldwide and teaching theatre movement and dance in academia for 28 years Meg returned to Iowa City build her business with the desire to reach out to people of all ages and walks of life, drawing upon over 30 years of experience with small private practices in New York, Cambridge, Sarasota, and Iowa City. From a private practice serving people with chronic pain and suffering from ACEs, she branched out into somatic education and began offering boutique movement, alignment, yoga, tai chi, dance and painting classes in her studio.


After the first Iowa Somatic Psychology and Movement Therapies Summit, which she founded in 2019, she pulled together a consortium of teaching experts and in winter of 2019 began offering programs to other businesses, customized to their needs. Movement for All's first collaboration was with Rockwell Collins Aerospace, where she and her group of teachers taught 17 classes to all three shifts over a 3 day period. Movement for All's physical studio and offices are located in Iowa City's Peninsula neighborhood.

Photograph of Meg Eginton by Jonathan Sabin

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