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1994-1997: Meg received her MFA in Theatre from The University of Iowa, as an Iowa Arts Fellow. She entered as an actor but graduated as a director. During her time at Iowa she directed workshops and 4 plays. She won two IRAM best direction of new works awards from the Iowa Playwrights Workshop. One was for her own production and adaptation of He Who Gets Slapped (Andreyev). During her graduate school years she created Inner Ear Theatre production company in Iowa City with Maggie Conroy, which was support by the Iowa Arts Council. In 1996 she opened a full time private practice in Eginton Alignment Somatic Movement Therapy.


2013-2021: After teaching at Harvard, FSU/Asolo and New College of Florida for 22 years, Meg returned to her hometown of Iowa City and opened a private practice in Eginton Alignment Somatic Movement Therapy.  In 2018 she expanded her practice into a physical space and new offerings of classes, a corporate service that engages many teachers and has mindfulness, physicality, and presence for presentation and work offerings, workshops in pain relief and counseling, and the Iowa Somatic Psychology and Movement Therapies Summit. She teaches Hybrid somatics classes, ballet, workshops for injury prevention, and sponsors classes by other practitioners in a Zoom ready studio (big screen).  
Currently, her private one on one work involves resolving chronic pain caused by the intersection of ACE’s, CPTSD, and other life stressors. She also teaches Alexander Technique and Eginton Alignment -- methods to improve functioning and posture for people without chronic pain issues, such as healthy aging, sore necks, intermittent back problems, musicianship, vocal stress, recovery from childbirth. 


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