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Current Class Offerings

All classes will be ongoing from April-September, Purchase of a class card for a 4 week session is required. If you need to miss a class for illness, travel, or work, you may carry classes forward, though it is best to try to attend consistently.


To join a class, please email Meg Eginton-Carmichael at: or

Beginning April 16, 11:30-12:30pm


Limited to six students.

For women over 70. 

Ballet for Older Women: posture, balance, and fluid movement class. This class will use a modified ballet barre, port de bras and simple step work, performed to classical music.

No dance experience, or experience with my methods necessary. No upper age limit. 

No drop-ins. 


Beginning April 17, 10-11:00am


Limited to eight people (coed)

Move with Meg Class— open class on Wednesdays Somatic movement, core, deep stretch, modern dance movement. Suggested for those who love to move and are fit. This is a follow along class and will vary from week to week, depending on what Meg is exporing in her personal practice. No dance experience necessary, but there will be some dance movement. Good for hip and spine flexibility and spatial awareness in large movement. Good knees required! 


Beginning April 17, 11:30-12:30


Limited to ten students

Any age, fitness, or flexibility 

Eginton Daily Dozen workshop: A dynamic way to learn Alexander technique using movements, lying down on the floor. For posture and pain release. Very good for learning how to control hyper-mobility too. 30 years of use in theatre, dance, and music departments internationally. 

Beginning April 18, Thursdays 10:30-11:30am. 


Limited to seven students.

Barre and Center for full body tone, strength, alignment, and flexibility, This class is for people who would like to strengthen and tone their bodies in the way that real dancers do it. This is not a fitness barre but a class using a ballet barre vocabulary and Alexander Technique. The center work will continue work on alignment. We will not focus on ballet vocabulary but on posture, gait, and fluid movement of arms and head. Experience with my ballet and alignment techniques suggested or with permission. No drop ins. 

Meg Eginton-Carmichael has taught movement and dance classes in Iowa City since 2014. She danced in top companies in New York until she was 40, then acted on and off Broadway, and was a professor of movement and dance for 20 years at FSU, New College, and as resident movement coach and head of movement at ART at Harvard and Moscow Art Theatre Institute for Advanced Theatre Training. She is an Iowa City native and a ISMETA registered Somatic Movement Therapist , Educator, and Dance Educator since 1994. MFA, Iowa Theatre

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