About Eginton Alignment Somatic Movement Education and Classes


Eginton Alignment Somatic Movement Education awakens physical control and  awareness of the human body-mind through intentional movement processes. The field of somatic movement education reaches back into the 19th century and is hallmarked by dual emphasis on functional anatomy and the ways in which  consciousness inhabits and influences the way a person moves and emotionally feels. The term “somatic” is derived the Greek word Somatikos: “living, aware, bodily person;” a person able to experience and regulate movement from whole self awareness. This educational method guides individuals and groups into better coordination, ease, and embodied inner life. Transformational learning activities can include:


  • In class breathing exploration of physiologically correct actions and creative uses for changing emotional states

  • Partnered stretching, weight taking,

  • Sensory Awareness use of touch,

  • Sensory Awareness Meditation

  • Writing reflection,

  • Somatic Dance and Flow, both beginning and more experienced.

  • Ballet taught with functional anatomy and creativity for novices

  • Dance technique coaching using NYC standards and developing artistry.


Somatic movement education  yields ease and joy in everyday living, management compensations for chronic injuries and pain, and optimal coordination in sports and artistry. Cost is usually between 110 and 125 for a group of six classes. 

Check out our landing page and Class Descriptions and Teachers' bios for information on current and upcoming Somatics classes.