Gardening for Health with Jen Kardos, MA, Functional Medicine Coach

Come Monday April !st, at 7pm to a FREE presentation on why gardening is so nurturing for our bodies and souls! Focusing on what Wahls Protocol veggies grow best in Iowa.

Ready to heal your body while growing the food it craves?


How can you design a garden to maximize nutrition and enjoyment while minimizing labor and costs?


Looking for ways to grow food from the Wahls Protocol and other functional medicine ‘food as medicine’ approaches?


During this class, you will learn:

  • The science behind why getting your hands in the dirt is healing

  • Which nutrient-dense Wahls Protocol veggies and fruits are the easiest to grow in Iowa

  • The amount of money you can save by growing certain foods.

  • How to design small and medium-sized gardens that reduce weeding and watering chores

  • How to maximize yields through simple plant arrangements and choosing the right varieties

  • How to overcome accessibility and mobility challenges through elegant bed designs


Jennifer Kardos Biograpy

Jen Kardos holds a BS in Chemical Engineering and a MA in Adult Education. She is a graduate of the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy and holds a certificate in horticultural therapy. After finding healing with functional medicine following her own major health crisis, she decided she wanted to apply her skills to help others on the journey to true healing. She is especially enthusiastic about the integrative healing benefits of time spent in the natural world, growing and eating local food in community, and getting dirt under your fingernails. She is also one of the directors of Backyard Abundance. Jen served as a health coach at the EPIC Functional Medicine Center, and is also an independent functional medicine coach and gardening consultant. 

First Monday Free Talks is a project of Movement for All, LLC, intended to give educators and practitioners working in movement, functional medicine, relaxation, the expressive arts, aging well, somatics and somatic psychology, meditation, gardening for health, and others- - a way to share their knowledge in an intimate and relaxed environment. Educators donate time. If you would like to give a talk please contact us!