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Movement for All at Work

70% of employees enrolled in wellness programs have reported higher job satisfaction than those not enrolled                                                                                                                    - Aflac's 2019 reports

Many people in our culture are out of shape and feel lethargic, resulting in a culture of disengaged employees, absenteeism, inefficiency and discontent. Intentional movement, health coaching, and mindfulness education are a tremendous help to employees, and an asset companies can leverage to forge a happier, healthier workplace.


Wellness programs are beginning to become commonplace, but our whole person, holistic approach to building a more positive and energetic workplace stands above the rest. Our 30+ program options grant companies the freedom to choose the perfect bundle, allowing us to customize our programs depending on employer/employee needs. Our highly experienced, expert teachers go the extra mile to ensure that your employees learn how to move, breathe, communicate, sleep, and work all day feeling great. 

Consult with us today about what you would like to do tomorrow.

Photo of office buildings by Dylan Nolte

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