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Counseling with Gail Garwood, MA

If you know that you would like to work with Gail Garwood, please send an email to and I will set up a 15- minute consultation. 


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Issues or Concerns

Are you experiencing anxiety that, when extreme, does not allow you to accomplish what you wish you would? Does a lack of self-acceptance or self-confidence keep you from connecting with others as you had hoped or from achieving your goals? Are your relationships suffering due to misunderstandings, anger or conflict? Or is sustaining a relationship too big a challenge? Is your negative self-talk taking over — making it hard to move forward toward your goals? Perhaps you simply need professional
guidance through this challenging time.

How I Work

I work with you in a collaborative, non-judgmental and compassionate way. Teaming with you in the process of your growth towards greater integrity, fulfillment, and joy gives me great pleasure. Through this partnership I assists you in calming and healing the parts of yourself that are worried or afraid. Instead of denying or suppressing parts of yourself that are causing pain I teach you how to befriend, calm and heal them. My
clients are sometimes amazed at the internal trust and harmony that results. Clients have also mentioned experiencing less internal conflict, and less reactivity and blaming and shaming of others. They may also find themselves taking action towards their goals more often. These are noteworthy qualities to have when it comes to sustaining relationships. With these qualities, you are more apt to turn a regrettable response into one that actually heals the relationship. 

The work done in therapy gives you tools to remove the barriers that keep you from living your life and your relationships with more comfort. Creating and implementing a plan that aids you in shifting the paradigm to something a little more fulfilling, a little more composed and steady, changes everything.

Finding the courage that allows you to move into life with passion isn’t always easy, but it’s a step that I enjoy taking with my clients because I love to see them blossom

Who I Can Help

My training prepares me to work with Adult Individuals, Couples, Groups, and Mental Health Professionals. I’m especially good at helping clients who are experiencing challenges of Anxiety, Self-acceptance, Self confidence, Relationships building and minimizing psychological barriers or obstacles that keep them from reaching or living their goals well. 

About Me

I am a Mental Health Counselor, licensed in Iowa and practicing as a therapist since 1998. I have a BA degree in Psychology from the University of Iowa and a Masters degree in Mental Health Counseling from the University of Northern Iowa. After studying many kinds of therapies, I specialized in three main therapies due to their success in helping clients (and myself) to change and to heal the wounds that keep them bound up in an endless cycle of pain and misery. I have special expertise in using the Internal Family Systems (IFS) model, the Developmental Model of Couples
Therapy, and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). I have found that I experience a great deal of pleasure and fulfillment in being there for my clients. It brings me purpose and meaning.

If this speaks to you, you have the desire and motivation to change what is not working for you, and you believe that I’m the right therapist for you, please reach out to me via my website, Even if you are not ready to become a client, you can still follow me by signing up to receive a complimentary copy of a guide: Healthy Relationship Blueprint. Then so much more will be available to you in the way of occasional informative blogs and offerings that discusses new
ways of doing things and offers encouragement to you on your journey.

Not a client yet? Book a free consultation.

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