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We offer boutique classes in yoga, dance, and art, taught over Zoom, to help you get fit, express yourself, and feel better. Our class sizes are capped to ensure small groups and individualized attention. They are taught live from our beautiful studio, using our state-of-the-art huge-screen panoramic Zooming system, so teachers can see every detail of how your body moves or how your artwork is coming together. And we open the Zoom room twenty minutes early, and close it twenty minutes late, to allow the socialization and casual before-and-after chats we all miss from in-person classes.

Classes can be prorated if you plan to miss one session.

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with Meg Eginton

Wednesdays from 6-7:30 PM, starting Oct. 21st.
$105 for six classes, or $20 drop in.
Capped at 10 participants.

This class is about getting back in shape and feeling beautiful while you do it. You will learn essential ballet fundamentals that will shape your body and make you more graceful and skillful in your everyday movement. And we will build bonds with one another at every class. Everyone is welcome, whether you're returning or joining us for the first time, and regardless of your level of physical conditioning. Our ballet classes will be small, ensuring that everyone can easily be seen, and guided, on our huge Zooming screen. For your barre, you can use a kitchen island, a kitchen chair, or even the refrigerator handle, which is what Meg always used when home on breaks from tour. Or you can order a portable barre!

Register by emailing admin@movementforall.com.

Meg Eginton is a somatic movement therapist who also teaches theater and dance. She was a professional modern dancer in New York City and Europe for twenty years, dancing with Merce Cunningham and Stephen Petronio. She had a career in the New York theater, including a major role in a Tony-nominated Broadway play, and acted in films, television, and commercials. While simultaneously beginning her somatic movement therapy practice in the late eighties, she transitioned from performance to teaching, becoming a conservatory professor of movement for actors, and holding teaching appointments for more than twenty years at Harvard, NYU, and FSU. In 2014, she left academia to return home to Iowa City and begin doing somatic movement therapy full time, and in 2018, she founded Movement for All. In addition to an MFA in Theater, she holds certifications or training in somatic movement education and therapy (RSME/T - ISMETA), Howard Schubiner's Unlearn Your Pain, Dance for Parkinson's, Strategic Intervention coaching, and as a Death Midwife.



with Nancy Purington

Wednesdays from 2-3 PM, starting Oct. 29th.
$90 for six weeks, or $20 drop in.
Capped at 10 participants.

The AN APPLE A DAY course introduces art and design practices to students of all ages. Each day we select an apple to study in form, color, light, shadow, texture and tone. Within this process you will improve powers of observation and strengthen concentration. Creative practice is a form of meditation, a journey of self-expression and personal transformation. Within that realm, we will compose everyday works of art using pencils, papers, paints, ink, brushes, scissors and glue. We will all do our best as Zooming Art Teacher and Zooming Art Classmates, as there is a lot to get used to from studios on both sides of the screen. Welcome!

Register by emailing admin@movementforall.com.

Nancy Purington is a painter, textile designer and compassionate teacher whose work is informed by the way of water.  She holds BFA, MA and Master of Fine Arts degrees. While teaching textile arts at the University of Iowa, Nancy was awarded University of Iowa Council on Teaching grants and selected to receive a UI Women in Research grant. She was awarded two Iowa Arts Council grants for her work inspired by the Mississippi River experience. Both grants were supported in part by the National Endowment for the Arts. Nancy’s classroom approach focuses on learning-by-doing and collaborative discovery of essential principles, and draws inspiration from The Montessori Method (Maria Montessori), Summerhill School (A.S. Neill), Waldorf School (R. Steiner), and J. Itten’s Basic Course at the Bauhaus. Nancy works from her studio in Iowa City. (www.nancypurington.com)



with Shawn T. Stone

Tuesdays from 6:15-7:15 PM,

OR Thursdays from 10:30-11:30 AM. Starting Oct. 20th.
$95 for one six-week series (Tues OR Thur),

or $175 for both. $20/class for drop-ins.
Capped at 8 participants.

Experience a personal and intimate virtual yoga class, capped at 8 participants, while learning and focusing on the proper technique for your unique body.  This beginner friendly class is also geared towards the important ongoing practice of a solid foundation in yoga. Along with a 15 year personal practice of yoga and meditation, and an RYT200 yoga teaching certification, Shawn's background in competitive gymnastics, professional acrobatics and an MFA in Dance give him a diverse and deeply attuned teaching perspective. When you register, be sure to mention whether you want to do Tuesdays, Thursdays, or both!

Register by emailing admin@movementforall.com.

Shawn T. Stone is a teaching artist, choreographer, performer, visual artist and yoga teacher now based in Iowa City, IA.  He has a BA in Studio Art and Communication Studies from the University of Iowa (2005), where he was a four-time NCAA letter-winning gymnast.  Shawn received his Masters of Fine Arts in Dance from the University of Maryland (2019) on a three-year graduate teaching assistantship.  He has performed and taught internationally within a broad spectrum of disciplines.  His performance experience ranges from dancing in the opera and modern dance works to professional acrobatics in theme parks and an NBA All-Star Game in front of Beyoncé.  A highlight of his performance career was three years as a professional athlete, artist and aerial soloist in the aquatic-cirque masterpiece, Le Rêve created by Franco Dragone at the Wynn in Las Vegas.  His 22 years of teaching experience includes creating classes in mindfulness and dance for higher education, a year as a k-8 visual art teacher and teaching handstands to beginner adults.  He is excited to return to his home state and share his love of teaching, movement and Hatha Yoga at Movement For All..


BeMoved® DANCE

with Beth Troutman

Mondays from 4:30-5:30 PM, starting Oct. 19th.
$80 for six weeks, or $20 drop in.
Capped at 8 participants.

BeMoved is a dance class for everyone, with great music and style. It's about joy, and even bliss, and with small class sizes of only 8 people, our class will be an individualized, close-knit experience. Read more about BeMoved:

At BeMoved, we are passionate about sharing the joy of dance with people of all movement abilities. BeMoved is an established dance experience designed by Sherry Zunker, the internationally renowned dancer, director and choreographer... We believe that movement, expressed through dance and music, has a transformative power that enriches a person’s wellbeing above and beyond the well-known physical benefits. In a full class, you will experience BeMoved's Warm-Up, Genre, and Cool-Down. The Warm-Up infuses breath and movement in artistically choreographed sequences that activate core strength and balance while improving flexibility and coordination. The Genre section of class uses continuous and engaging dance combinations to inspire anyone from first-time dancers to professionals. Finally, the Cool Down brings your workout full circle, leaving you balanced in mind, body and soul – feeling rejuvenated.

Register by emailing admin@movementforall.com.

Beth Troutman has a lifelong love of dance. She invites you to find your inner dancer by joining her for virtual BeMoved dance classes. When not dancing, Beth enjoys working with children and families in her position as a Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine, training the next generation of mental health providers, hanging out with her husband and dogs, and reading.


Image Credits:

Photograph of Movement for All Studio courtesy Meg Eginton

Black-and-white dancer courtesy University of Texas at Arlington News Service Photograph Collection, licensed CC BY 4.0

Raphael's Les Trois Graces, circa 1505, courtesy Google Art Project (public domain)

Pink yoga mat courtesy Gausanchennai, licensed CC BY-SA 4.0

BeMoved dancers courtesy of bemoveddance.com

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