Living With Ease, An Alexander Technique Workshop

Taught by Anita Mischuk, Certified teacher of Contemporary Alexander Technique

    The Alexander Technique provides easily applicable tools for self-development to change long-standing habits that cause    unnecessary tension in everything you do. The technique can help you improve your health and well-being by addressing such conditions as repetitive strain injuries, stress, anxiety, back or neck pain caused by poor posture habits and the pressures of modern life. It helps improve your balance and coordination, giving you confidence in carrying out everyday activities.

This class is a gentle introduction where you will be able to pick up skills that you can utilize right away. Each week we will explore different activities such as walking, climbing stairs, chopping vegetables, sitting at a computer, gardening, housework, carrying a heavy purse etc. We will look at the body and study functional anatomy: what joints do we use for any activity and how does our whole body work in relation to what we do.Each week we will also review the progress from the previous week and find out how you’re applying what you’ve learnt to your daily life.

Anita Mischuk's Teaching Bio

Anita grew up in Germany and moved to Iowa City in 2017.She is a certified teacher of the Alexander Technique and owner of ATMW (Alexander Technique Midwest).She completed her training as an Alexander Technique teacher after four years with the German branch of the Alexander Alliance International. Her most influencing teachers are Bruce Fertman and Robyn Avalon.She teaches the Alexander Technique in individual lessons, small group classes or workshops in Iowa City and the surrounding communities. Anita's passions include singing, playing the recorder, kayaking, dancing and walking. She is also a hypnotherapist practitioner.

 Spring Forest Qigong Classes

Taught by Spring Forest trainer, Dr. Nisha Mittal

Dr. Nisha Mittal will teach some of easy to learn Qigong movements for self-care. QiGong is an ancient practice that leads to improved health, fitness, wellbeing while having a strong spiritual aspect. Recent western medical research has demonstrated that Qigong helps in decreasing chronic pain, depression and difficult emotions such as anger, frustration, anxiety, sadness, grief, irritability, etc. It is also may relieve some of your fatigue, stress, and pain.  Nisha's class is in the tradition of Spring Forest Qigong. 

Dr. Nisha Mittla's Teaching Bio

Dr. Nisha Mittal is a Certified Advanced Instructor for Spring Forest Qigong (SFQ) ThetaHealing®, and Meditation. She has worked as Professor, Researcher, and Testing and Evaluation consultant for 25+ years. From the scientific background and the world of numbers, she got introduced to the holistic and alternative healing modalities when an obstruction in a peripheral artery could not be healed even by the most advanced allopathic medical interventions. She self-healed herself using alternative healing modalities. Now she is well versed in Spring Forest Qigong (SFQ), ThetaHealing® along with other modalities like Reiki, Quantum Light Weaving, and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). In her healing practice, she uses one or a combination of various methods to get to the core of the problem.