Practitioners in Residence

Parker Ferguson,  LMT and Sports Massage Therapist, whose business is called Monkey Muscle is in residence at Movement for All.

Parker welcomes you to his work:

      Monkey SMT is a combination of Sports Massage Therapy and Deep Tissue massage, with techniques from Myofascial, Muscle Manipulation, Shiatsu, and Manual Therapy. All of these therapies can be beneficial when rehabbing an injury, or helping you use your body well. In my opinion, the first thing that should pass through a therapist’s mind is to decompress the joint that the injury or discomfort  is in conjunction with. When you see me, I will help to pin point and work on your issue, and to find the specificities that caused the issue, so that we can create a preventive plan. We will decompress the respective joints, help to increase your mobility through dynamic stretching and exercise, and we will work together on your general well being. When I say we will  be working together, what I mean is that I will give you mobility routines, stretches and exercises which have been known to  help improve posture. (alignment in motion). My ultimate goal as your therapist is not only to help you in anyway that I can, but also teach and encourage you to better yourself with at home care. A mechanic’s work only lasts as long as the driver takes care of the car. Your job, if you want to accept it, is to do your homework, so that you get better, faster. 

       My background starts in 2014 with an education in Massage Therapy from Body Wisdom Schools in Urbandale, IA, where I began to adapt what would soon become a fiery passion for helping those with injuries, especially in the sports world.  Here, I met my most important idols and mentors such as James Kozuki, Shinzo Fujimaki, and Brian Glotzbach. From there, I followed Brian Glotzbach to Atlanta, GA where I worked with pro athletes through his company, Body Mechanics. Although Atlanta and Body Mechanics were good to me, I decided to move back to Iowa, where I continue to work with pro athletes, and college athletes in Iowa City, IA, one of which being an Olympic Athlete. 

      After a brief stint at Massage Heights, and a hiatus used to reassess my career goals, I created my new business, Muscle Monkey SMT. Muscle Monkey is a passion project that has been in the works for awhile and something that I am beyond ecstatic to kickstart. This is also what led me to meeting Meg Eginton, Director of Movement for All. I look forward to growing, and working through here as a team with all involved in order to give patients/clients the best care we can provide. 

       Although my licensing is that of an LMT, my experience, and independent research has made it so that “massage therapy” no longer accurately describes what I do. With countless hours of hands on experience, classes, and research, I am becoming an expert on Injury Consulting, Sports Therapy, and being someone who doesn’t limit himself to archetypes. In retrospect, my ultimate goal is to help you become an improved version of you. A you that you either have never met or haven’t seen for a long time. Someone who can be agile, physically capable of every day activities or sports, and simply live a smoother life physically. When you are in my hands, you are my only priority and focus. 

Parker T Ferguson, SMT

Info coming: 

Anita Mischuk

Nisha Mittal

Julie Jack

Kristi Cooper

Movement for All is looking for a Tai Chi teacher and a hatha yoga teacher, both capable of working with all ages and abilities.